About QE Testing

An Innovative Biochemical Wellness Analysis

QūrEcology (or QE) provides a Biochemical, Cellular and Electrical analysis of the human body. QE uses urine and saliva to analyze 14 key health indicators (or biomarkers) and provides the health care professional with an in-depth look into their clients’ health.

QE is simple to read and is complete with a basic understanding of the patient’s inner biochemistry. This simplifies and removes some of the guess-work and gives the patient a visual diagram where they can follow their progress.

Studies have shown that patients improve faster and feel better, when they can visually see results.

The QūrEcology Biochemical Wellness Analysis is designed for the health care professional to foster and nurture a relationship with the patient focusing on their overall well-being.

The Analysis is validated by a QE Technician and the results submitted back to the health care professional within 48-72 hours of sample processing.

This comprehensive analysis includes:

  • Patient’s Test Results
  • Descriptive Summary of 14 Key Health Indicators / Biomarkers
  • Program Protocol
  • Product Description


Click on the image to view the QE Analysis sample

Our focus is to support health, remove some of the guess work, and simplify the health professional’s job

  • By offering a clinical second opinion using biochemistry testing
  • Using a clinical Western model of testing, with an integrative approach to healing
  • Bringing forward a sub-clinical analysis
  • Helping to create a strategy for the patient to attain optimum wellness
  • Getting the patient involved in the healing process
  • Enhancing the practitioner and patient relationship by presenting a visual graphic of the patient’s health that may correlate to their symptoms
  • Making suggestions where modern medicine may be helpful
  • Bridging the gap between Modern and Alternative approaches