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AdaQūr Capsules

Support the body with essential hormone precursors and nutrients to reduce catabolic activity. Premium grade New Zealand glandulars help repair tissue and support normal endocrine function.

Four capsules contain: Zinc-20 mg, L-Arginine-1200 mg

Proprietary Blend-1,575 mg (Ashiwaganda Root Extract, Bee Pollen, Catuaba Extract, DHEA, Epimedium Extract, Eurycoma Longfolia Extract, Maca Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Orchidic Tissue (Bovine), Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Tribulus Extract) Plant Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

QGL290 – 60 capsules

AdaQūr Drops

Homeopathic endocrine tinctures help reduce catabolic activity. Balance and support the reproductive system.

Active Ingredients: Zincum Sulphuricum 3x, Orchic 3x, Prostate 3x, Spleen 5x, Stomach 5x, Thymus 5x, Thyroid 5x, Adrenal 5x, Brain 5x, Duodenal 5x, Heart 5x, Kidney 5x, Liver 5x, Pancreas 5x, Lymph 5x, Parotid 5x, Pituitary 5x in a base of deionized water and ethanol.

QLE180 – One ounce liquid


Stimulates and supports the adrenal gland by releasing active adrenal hormones into the system. The ingredients work together to strengthen the adrenal gland and nervous system. Adrenal health is essential for overall health and supports healing and helps fight stress. It is essential to support the adrenal glands when there are thyroid problems.

Two capsules contain: Vitamin A-3300 IU, Vitamin C-180 mg, Thiamine HCl-10 mg, Pyridoxine HCl-25 mg, Riboflavin-10 mg, Niacinamide-50 mg, Pantothenic Acid-50 mg, Zinc (aspartate)-10 mg, Manganese (aspartate)-5 mg, Adrenal Tissue-180 mg, Spleen Tissue-150 mg.

QGL140 – 60 capsules
QGL141 – 180 capsules

AdrenoQūr Drops

Relieves stress through a healthy adrenal system. Glandular tinctures are designed to stimulate the body into building a healthy organ by supplying an energy blueprint for healthy organ cells. Also helps alleviate symptoms caused by an ineffective organ.

Active Ingredients: Atropinum Sulfuricum 12x, Berberis 6x, Bryonia 6x, Carduus Marianus 12x, Chelidonium Majus 3x, Zingiber Officialis 12x, Echinacea 3x, Lycopodia 5x, Magnesium Chloratum 3x, Natrum Muriaticum 6x, Lachesis 12x.

QLE120 – One ounce liquid


Contains a complete range of nutrients and ingredients that are complexed for maximum absorption to provide optimum free radical protection. A powerful antioxidant to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Two capsules contain: Vitamin A-8000 IU, Beta Carotene-2000 IU, Vitamin C-100 mg, Vitamin E-100 IU, Selenium-200 mcg, Coenzyme Q10-5 mg, Super-Oxide Dismutase-2000 SU, Catalase-500 SU, Tocotrienol-8 mg, Lipoic Acid-25 mg, Propyl Gallate-100 mg, Lutein-2 mg, Lycopene-2 mg, Green Tea Extract-40 mg, Grape Seed Extract-40 mg.

QSP420 – 60 capsules


Contains a specialized, balanced high potency formula with higher concentrations of the B vitamins that are especially important in combating stress. B vitamins act as activating agents to maintain many body functions.

Each capsule contains: Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6)-55 mg, Vitamin B12-100 mcg, Biotin-300 mcg, Pantothenic Acid-120 mg, Thiamine HCl-110 mg, Riboflavin-60 mg, Folic Acid-1 mg,Vitamin B3-175 mg, Inositol-50 mg, PABA-30 mg.

QVM270 – 60 capsules
QVM271 – 180 capsules


Provides a comprehensive bone formula that enhances bone tissue production. Complexes minerals with amino acids to increase uptake by 60-100% and provides deeper cellular penetration and retention.

Four capsules contain: Vitamin C-60 mg, Vitamin D3-400 IU, Vitamin B6-5 mg, Calcium-600 mg, Phosphorus-150 mg, Magnesium-600 mg, Copper-2 mg, Zinc-6 mg, Manganese-4 mg, Vitamin K-100 mcg, Molybdenum-60 mcg, Boron-2 mg, Silicon-6 mg, Vanadium-60 mcg, Veal Bone-400 mg, Horsetail (aerial)-50 mg

QVM147 – 90 capsules


Promotes healing and is necessary for proper adrenal function. Boosts the immune system, supports the cardiovascular system, combats inflammation and pain, and aids in the balancing of pH.

Each tablet contains: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)-1000 mg, Rose Hips-60 mg, Rutin-25 mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids-25 mg, Hesperidin-25 mg, Echinacea-25 mg.

QVM160 – 60 tablets
QVM161 – 180 tablets

CalMagQūr Liquid

CalMagQūr Liquid provides highly bioavailable liquid calcium, magnesium, colloidal minerals, and Vitamin D3. pH balanced and supplemented with Vitamin D3 and colloidal minerals for optimum calcium absorption. Promotes healthy bone structure, enhances muscle tone, and greatly helps maintain dental health.

Two tablespoons contain: Vitamin D3-200 IU, Calcium-1200 mg, Iron-5 mg, Iodine-150 mcg, Magnesium-600 mg, Zinc-5 mg, Selenium-200 mcg, Copper-1 mg, Manganese-5 mg, Chromium-200 mcg, Molybdenum-200 mcg, Potassium-90 mg, Vanadium-100 mcg, Boron-50 mcg, Glucosamine HCI-200 mg, Chondroitin Sulfate-125 mg.

QVM173 – 12 ounces liquid

ChromQūr Spray

ChromQūr assists blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity with a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. Contains highly bioavailable liquid chromium which aids in glucose metabolism, regulates insulin, and maintains healthy blood levels of cholesterol and other lipids. Easy to carry spray.

Three sprays contain: SoluChrome (liquid chromium nicotinate)-500 mcg, Pyridoxine-2 mg, Folic Acid-100 mcg, Vitamin B12-25 mcg, Vanadium-250 mcg.

QVM175 – 1 ounce spray

CircuQūr Drops

Helps to promote and repair healthy function of the circulatory system. Supports blood glucose issues, vision problems, poor memory, and cold hands and feet. An excellent formula for increasing energy and circulation while regulating blood sugar.

Active Ingredients: Adrenal 6x, Aesculus 2x, Copper Acetate 6x, Potentilla Anserina 2x, Secale Cornutum 4x, Tabacum 12x, Veratrum 4x, Thyroid 5x, Niacin 20 mg/ml in a base of deionized water and ethanol.

QH08-63 – One ounce liquid


Stimulates action of the digestive tract and pulls water and toxins from the body to aid in lubrication and softening of the stool to eliminate constipation. Facilitates digestion and strengthens the digestive system.

Each capsule contains: Cascara Sagrada (bark)-150 mg, Senna (leaves)-400 mg, Rhubarb (root)-50 mg, Licorice (root)-25 mg, Cloves (buds)-25 mg.

QHC170 – 90 capsules


Contains protein, starch and fat metabolizers which provide optimum digestive support, especially in the stomach and upper GI; and hydrochloric acid to enhance enzyme function. Aids in the reduction of inflammation.

Each tablet contains: Pepsin 10000x-30 mg, Papain Concentrate-60 mg, Pancreatin 4x-70 mg, Betaine HCl-165 mg, Glutamic Acid HCl-165 mg.

QSP180 – 60 tablets
QSP181 – 180 tablets


Relieves painful bloating and excess water retention. Proprietary blend of several herbs with well-known diuretic effects. Increases cellular activity in the kidneys.

Each capsule contains: Camellia Sinensis (leaf)-250 mg, Dandelion (root)-75 mg, Cleavers (plant)-45 mg, Couchgrass (aerial)-40 mg, Agrimony (aerial)-20 mg, Gravel Root (root)-20 mg, Cubeb Berries (berry)-25 mg, Oatstraw(aerial)-125 mg.

QSP138 – 90 capsules


Prevents free radical damage. Strengthens the circulatory system and helps keep cells and tissue healthy. Improves oxygen utilization, enhances immune response, and protects the skin against ultraviolet damage.

Each soft gel contains: Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol acetate)-400 IU.

QVM190 – 60 soft gels
QVM191 – 180 soft gels


Restores and replenishes electrolytes and boosts energy. Electrolyte balance is critical for proper cell structure, nerve function, energy production, bone strength, and circulation and combats the effects of aging and toxicity.

One teaspoon contains: Vitamin C-500 mg, Magnesium-125 mg, Potassium-875 mg. Other Ingredients: Sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, orange flavor, stevia, and lithium bicarbonate.

QVM222 – 12 ounces liquid


EnzyQūr ease stomach upset with natural Bromelain and Papain. Bromelain is derived from pineapple and used as an anti-inflammatory agent after trauma or surgery. It is an effective digestive aid, particularly for those who have pancreatic problems. Bromelain and Papain are known to effectively relieve gastrointestinal upset.

Each capsule contains: Vitamin C-60 mg, Bromelain 1200 DU-80 mg, Papain 2000 DU-130 mg, Betaine HCl-200 mg, Glutamic Acid HCl-100 mg, Pancreatin 4x-40 mg, Bile-30 mg.

QSP180 – 60 capsules
QSP181 – 180 capsules

EvaQūr Complex Capsules

Provide the body with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to reduce anabolic activity. Support hormone balance, stability, and stress management.

Each capsule contains: Beta Carotene-500 IU, Vitamin C-60 mg, Vitamin E-75 IU, Vitamin B6-150 mg, Folic Acid-400 mcg, Vitamin B12-12 mcg, Calcium-150 mg, Calcium Pantothenate-10 mg, Magnesium-100 mg, Iron-18 mg, Zinc-10 mg, Copper-1 mg, Boron-5 mg, Ovary Tissue-100 mg, Uterus Tissue-50 mg, Cramp Bark-25 mg, Borage (leaves)-25 mg, Damiana (leaves)-25 mg, Black Cohosh (root)-25 mg.

QGL230 – 60 capsules

EvaQūr Drops

Help reduce excessive anabolic activity. Glandular tinctures work to stimulate the body into building a healthy organ by supplying an energy blueprint for healthy organ cells. Help alleviate symptoms caused by an ineffective organ.

Active Ingredients: Pulsatilla 4x, Sepia 4x, Viburnum 4x, Cimicifuga 4x, Ferrum 4x, Thymus 5x, Thyroid 5x, Hypothalamus 5x, Pancreas 5x, Adrenal 5x, Ovary 5x, Uterus 5x, Pituitary 5x, Brain 5x, Spleen 5x, Parotid 5x, Lymph 5x, Liver 5x, Stomach 5x, Kidney 5x, Heart 5x, Duodenum 5x, Parathyroid 5x in a base of deionized water and ethanol.

QLE140 – One ounce liquid


FiberQūr is a proprietary mix of soluble and insoluble fiber in a specific combination that when combined with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in fruits and vegetables may lower your blood cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits, vegetables, and grain products that contain dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, may reduce the risk of heart disease. This great tasting product also contains vitamins and minerals to assist the body’s general health and well-being.

6 Grams contain: Vitamin A-5000 IU, Vitamin C-600 mg, Vitamin E-30 IU, Thiamine-5 mg, Riboflavin-5 mg, Niacin-40 mg, Pyridoxine-5 mg, Folic Acid-1 mg, Vitamin B12-15 mcg, Biotin-50 mcg, Calcium-100 mg, Iodine-150 mcg, Zinc-5 mg, Selenium-100 mcg, Copper-500 mcg, Chromium GTF-300 mcg, Vanadium-200 mcg.

QSP160 – 16 ounces powder


Repairs and renews digestive tissues when stress and toxins have compromised normal digestive function. Helps detoxify the gastrointestinal system. Activates enzymes to aid in digestion.

Two capsules contain: Vitamin C-120 mg, Vitamin E-10 IU, Stomach Tissue-300 mg, Duodenum Tissue-300 mg, Slippery Elm (bark)-200 mg, Aloe Vera (leaves)-10 mg, Cabbage (plant)-70 mg, Pepsin (10,000x)-70 mg, Betaine HCl-50 mg, Anise Star (flowers)-30 mg, Cloves (powdered)-30 mg.

QGL171 – 60 capsules


Aids the body to control glucose metabolism and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Glandular supplementation aids in toning organ tissues for proper cellular health. Aids in the prevention of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Two capsules contain: Vitamin A-5000 IU, Vitamin C-200 mg, Thiamine HCl-36 mg, Riboflavin-20 mg, Niacin-36 mg, Niacinamide-270 mg, Pyridoxine HCl-36 mg, Folic Acid-800 mcg, Vitamin B12-25 mcg, Biotin-100 mcg, Pantothenic Acid-100 mg, Zinc-14 mg, Selenium-60 mcg, Manganese-6 mg, Chromium GTF-600 mcg, Adrenal Tissue-44 mg, Liver Tissue-44 mg, Pancreas Tissue-44 mg, Bovine Thyroid Tissue-18 mg, Kelp-50 mg, Cinnamon (bark)-200 mg, Pine Bark (bark)-180 mg, Vanadium-200 mcg.

QSP320 – 60 capsules
QSP321 – 180 capsules


Serving Size: 1 mL (Approx. 9 Sprays) Servings Per Container: 30
Naturally derived growth factor product designed to promote muscle tone, reduce body fat, and increase energy. Derived from natural herbs in a polymer matrix calcium, sodium ions, and an herbal mineral base.

Chromium (GTF) 500 mcg(250%DV)
Growth Factor Complex 31.5 mg
Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Choline, GABA, Mucuna Pruriens (20% L-Dopa), Tribulus Extract 45%, Elk Antler (Velvet), Eurycoma Longifolia 20:1, DHEA.
HGH Stimulator 14 mg
L-Glycine, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Tyrosine.
Other Ingredients
Purified water, glycerine, ethanol, citric acid, EDTA, benzyl alcohol and natural flavor.

QSP155 – One ounce spray


Helps detoxify and strengthen the liver. Contains the proper ingredients in the right amounts to improve liver function and health. HepataQūr cleanses the bloodstream and supports the immune function by reducing the load of toxins on the liver.

Each capsule contains: Choline Bitartrate-175 mg, Inositol-175 mg, Betaine HCl-50 mg, Milk Thistle (seeds)-25 mg, Watercress (leaf)-25 mg, Beets (leaf)-25 mg, Parsley (leaf)-25 mg.

QSP360 – 60 capsules

HepataQūr Drops

Helps support healthy liver function. Glandular tinctures are designed to stimulate the body into building a healthy organ by supplying an energy blueprint for healthy organ cells. Also helps alleviate symptoms caused by an ineffective organ.

Active Ingredients: Carduus Marianus 2x, Chelidonium 2x, China3x, Cholesterinum 6x, Colocynthis 6x, Lycopodia 4x, Nux Vomica 4x, Collinsonia 3x in a base of deionized water and ethanol.

QLE160 – One ounce liquid


Assists in alkalinity balance. Pure magnesium supplement that also aids in cardiovascular function, bone formation, activates B vitamins, and increases energy.

Four tablets contain: Magnesium-400 mg. QVM134 – 90 tablets

QVM135 – 180 tablets


Provides a proprietary blend of purified whole body fish oils to improve cardiovascular health, boost immune response, improve joint function and combat the effects of inflammation.

Each soft gel contains: EPA-180 mg, DHA-120 mg, Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol plus d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta)-1.1 IU.

5QSP14 – 50 soft gels
QSP146 – 150 soft gels


Provides a wide variety of nutrients to support cellular metabolism. Powerful in neutralizing the acid produced during metabolism. Increases energy, balances the pH of the body and improves circulation.

Each Capsule contains vegetable concentrates: Broccoli, Kale, Dandelion Leaf, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Chlorella Algae, Spirulina Algae, and powdered juice extracts of the following: Barley Grass, Carrot, Tomato, Spinach, Cucumber, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Celery, Asparagus, Green Bell Pepper, Cauliflower, Parsley, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

QSP158 – 180 capsules


Contains vitamins and minerals, as well as a complete panel of essential amino acid complexes to give the body energy and support bone growth. Amino acids are the chief components of proteins which in turn are critical for maintaining muscle tone.

Amino Acid Profile per 20 gram Serving: Isoleucine 820 mg, leucine 1378 mg, lysine 1040 mg, methionine 300 mg, cystine 260 mg, phenylalanine 880 mg, threonine 630 mg, tryptophan 250 mg, valine 830 mg, histadine 435 mg, arginine 1160 mg, aspartic acid 1864, serine 920 mg, glutamic acid 3416 mg, proline 945 mg, glycine 920 mg, alanine 640 mg, tyrosine 680 mg. Two tablespoons contain: Vitamin A-1500 IU, Vitamin C-250 mg, Thiamine-5 mg, Riboflavin-7 mg, Pyridoxine-8 mg, Pantothenic Acid-15 mg, Niacinamide-20 mg, Calcium-200 mg, Magnesium-100 mg, Iron-3 mg, Zinc-3 mg, Folic Acid-200 mcg, Vitamin B12-6 mcg, Biotin-50 mcg, Iodine-50 mcg, Selenium-50 mcg, Copper-400 mcg, Manganese-400 mcg, Chromium-200 mcg, Molybdenum-25 mcg, Glucosamine-500 mg, MSM-500 mg, DHEA-25 mg, Bromelain-5 mg, Papain-5 mg, Boron-25 mcg, Vanadium-25 mcg.

QSP164 – 16 ounces powder


Supports the kidneys and encourages proper kidney function. Helps regenerate and repair tissue, enhances immunity, and promotes urinary tract health. Healthy kidney function is critical in maintaining optimal blood pressure.

Each capsule contains: Beta-Carotene-400 IU, Vitamin C-110 mg, Kidney Tissue-500 mg, Gravel Root- 50 mg, Parsley (leaves)-50 mg, Cranberry Juice (powdered)-50 mg, Dandelion (root)-50 mg.

QGL300 – 60 capsules

RenaQūr Drops

Helps maintain healthy kidney function. Designed to stimulate the body into building a healthy organ by supplying an energy blueprint for healthy organ cells. Also helps alleviate symptoms caused by an ineffective organ.

Active Ingredients: Adonis Vernalis 3x, Convallaria Majalis 3x, Digitalis 6x, Helleborus 4x, Scilla 3x, Asparagus 2x, Camellia Senensis 2x in a base of deionized water and ethanol.

QLE220 – One ounce liquid


Serves as an electrolyte replacement with three critical minerals; calcium, magnesium, and potassium. An excellent vitamin and mineral formula for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Supports and enhances healthy heart function.

Amino acid chelated minerals complexed with aspartic acid for optimum absorption. One capsule contains: D3-75 mg, Pyridoxine Hcl-2 mg, Calcium-50 mg, Magnesium-43 mg, Potassium-17 mg.

QVM149 – 90 capsules

QūrEcology Products are only available through licensed health care providers and selective pharmacies